Sustainability is at the core of all I do...

Hi! I'm a woodworker and maker with a passion for turning reclaimed and salvaged materials into amazing new products; from cabinetry and storage solutions, to bespoke furniture pieces and home-ware items.

I'm all about repurposing stuff that would have potentially gone to landfill or been otherwise discarded.

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Taking you beyond pallet wood and chalk paint

Through a design led service, I create quality products that combine form and function with environmental concern; like this bespoke corner TV unit, made entirely from locally sourced reclaimed white oak and a salvaged oak slab.

By using quality reclaimed hardwood, softwoods and other materials, you can own the furniture piece you need without costing the earth!


Reimagine furniture upcycling & recycling in a new way beyond chalk paint or decoupage, and take a journey with me to high quality design and makes.

I'm continually sourcing and maintaining a stock of quality reclaimed hardwoods & softwoods, along with metalwork and textiles, to make custom furniture pieces, new homeware items, bespoke storage solutions & more!

I'll also repurpose existing furniture pieces and combine with other sustainably sourced materials, reimagining these to create an affordable bespoke product for a specific space and style just for you.