Shoe organisation. How to make a small space work for you.

Shoe organisation. How to make a small space work for you.

This made to measure storage unit was designed with ease of transportation and assembly in mind. The modules are identical in size and together form a 2m high storage display unit that utilises all the available vertical and horizontal space.

My first repeat customer (pleased about that!), came to me with a shoe habit that had turned into a storage nightmare. With limited space for a growing footwear collection, and trainers piled up in entrance hallway, a better storage solution was needed.

Fraser provided the measurements (taking into account a radiator), and two key design requests. Firstly, provide as much storage as possible and second, don't make look like a bookcase! I came up with this design and had some reclaimed timber in mind for the build ready to hand.

Pencil sketch of assembled modular shoe storage shelving unitComputer generated design of modular shoe storage shelving unit

Scaffold boards were ripped down on the table saw to make the framework components for each module. Keeping the modules identical in size allowed for a simple cut list and standardised components; this speeds up production and reduces the chance of making a mistake during assembly later on.

Unfinished timber components to assemble shoe storage unit frames

For the shelve slats I had some surplus larch timber cladding stored away for some time. This was rough sawn but importantly dry and no longer 'green' so cleaned up nicely after running through the thicknesser a couple of times. This was a quick and easy way to ensure all shelves were the same dimension and massively reduces sanding time, which any woodworker or maker will tell you is time well saved! 

Simple pocket hole joinery with glue and screws made for a cost effective and lightweight but super strong framework.

Testing out the finished modular shoe storage unit

Finished in satin black, the frame takes on a kind of industrial look, while the angled shelves formed of three identical separate slats definitely take this piece a million miles away from the 'bookcase' look.

Contrasting the black framework with limed wax finished shelves helps to made this storage unit look less imposing in a small space, as well as provide a light and airy backdrop to the shoes displayed on it. 

To increase stability from 'racking', metal X strainers are added to each module, salvaged from old garage shelving.

Modular shoe storage unit installed and filled with shoes

 As you can see, Fraser wasted no time in filling it up. 29 pairs of footwear now organised and on display taking up a footprint less than 1/3 sq. meter. 

With the modules screwed together and the entire unit securely fixed to the wall behind, this shoe storage unit provides a solution that will outlast the fashion it displays.

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