Custom made solid oak corner TV unit with waney edge top

Creating a one-off corner TV unit from reclaimed and salvaged oak

Find out how I used reclaimed  white oak and salvaged native brown oak to create this totally bespoke corner TV unit. Key to this make was bringing out the natural features (not flaws!) of the wood and using the waney-edge to make a beautiful piece of living room furniture.

Having had no success in finding exactly the right piece of furniture for their TV, this client turned to me to design and create a bespoke piece.

reclaim / verb

recover (waste material) for reuse; recycle

 selecting a native oak slab sawmill


With a like passion for all things wood, Jackie loved the warm tactile feel and unique characteristics that you only get from wood, but it had to function as well as look good.

That meant it had to fit exactly into a specific corner of the room, with a window and door to contend with. Custom made was the only way!

With the design agreed, I now had a use from some reclaimed quarter sawn white oak that I'd purchased a year ago locally, and more recently a rejected Scottish brown oak slab from a local mill.


With a top and shelf to get out of this wonky slab, careful measuring and templating was employed to get the pieces I needed while avoiding the worst of the checks and weird undulations this slab had. There was one particular defect that I knew I had to keep and incorporate into my design.

Bowties aren't just for wearing

A great example of form & function working together. An eye catching detail made from an off-cut, inlaid over a split to prevent it opening any further.

By by incorporating the natural waney edge of the slab into this piece I could add a lot more interest, and along with the interesting knots, grain swirls and pips, this piece would be a complete one-of-a-kind.

close up solid oak slab top with waney edge

solid oak corner display TV unit with a concealed drawer

Hidden Storage & Little Details
A couple of final details, both discreet but typical of the attention to detail and considered design that I give to my makes.
  1. Hidden drawer behind a full width false front with a stopped round-over which ties into the next detail...
  2. ...subtle round over to outer leg edges, and a very small taper at the foot.
While talking with the client, I noticed some other furniture pieces in the home had slightly tapered legs with a round-over on the outer edge, and thought it would be a nice touch to include the same design language in this new piece.



drawer box being assembled drawer installed showing runners drawer in closed position without false front   showing TV unit with concealed drawer behind a false front

 Finished with some coats of clear wax, the project was completed; all that remained was to deliver to the client and place it in the room.

I'm delighted how this turned out and with the reaction from the client. Despite the challenges with the slab and working with different types of oak, bringing them together has paid off and well worth the effort. A totally unique piece of furniture all made from reclaimed & salvaged hardwood.
          Finished solid oak corner TV unit installed in place close up of finished solid oak corner TV unit installed in place
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